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Face recognition. Identity validated. Security to the limit.

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  • Biometrics validation & Identity authentication

    In a world where identity security has been taken to the limit, Biometric authentication is a safety tool that gives us the tranquility to go further in owr businesses and life.

    Find out why Identiy Authentication is a must now!

  • 3-step verification: secure access

    A 3 element verification provides a secured transaction environment. Safe customers equals more and satisfyed customers. Facial, voice and SMS verification code at the moment, closes the insecurity gap for malintentioned transactions.

    Find out why 3-step verification us becoming a hit!

  • Accurate identification

    Biometric autentication provide more accurate identification, lowering the risk of unwanted transactions. Transaction confirmation becomes reliable based on user's identity and cleared social behavior.

    Find out why identity authentication is a must!

Client Registration

Build your own safe client portfolio, with accurate document and client profile validation.

ID validation and authentication

Client ID validation and comply with security government requirements. Accurate and official ID validation.

Biometrics authentication

Confirm your client is providing official and legal documentation that belongs to him. Facial recognition from Selfie and ID photo, checking with SMS unique code. Integration with voice validation.

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3-step security confirmation

The combination of 3 elements on client's identity confirmation, provides a secured activity in your business.

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* Client's personal data validation in security features
* ID document scan and validation
* Selfie scan
* Client Biometrics authentication

Provide a safe enviroment in Education buildings, Public, Government and Private buildings, safe transaction tracking and identify possible harmful client behavior


Packed Full of Powerful Features

Easy to upload Documentation photos and Selfie photos of your client, interacting with web and mobile applications.

  • Identify strangers in open areas

    Identify strangers in open areas

  • Ceate an identity cleared client database

    Create an identity cleared client database

  • Face recognition technology to BioValidate on your own or public international databases

    Face recognition technology to BioValidate on your own or public international databases

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    Easy to use mobile apps to check with SMS code, scan your ID and perform Bio Authentication with selfie and voice

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